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Europe-wide research reveals how transgender rights and LGBTIQ+ advocacy are systematically attacked in European politics and media.

10 Apr 2024

The Press Releases for the Mapping Stage Findings can be read here in Català (Catalan), English, Français (French), Ελληνικά (Greek), Magyar (Hungarian), Polski (Polish), Español (Spanish) and Türkçe (Turkish).

Europe-wide study of ‘anti-gender’ politics launches

20 Oct 2022

The RESIST project officially launched on the 20th of October. It aims to investigate so-called ‘anti-gender’ politics across the continent. Here you will find the official project launch press release in .pdf format.

RESIST Institution logos

20 Oct 2022

You can download the following zip file to obtain the full collection of institution logos relating to this research endeavour.